The Chain's Course

Todd A. Pownell

The first clinks of the chain rattle out an unheard freedom

The original birth was the Romantic Alive, Free, Seeing, Giving and Loving

The Romantic gave rise to the Idealist Acknowledged, Linked, Writing, Stating and Cherishing

From the Idealist came the Puritan Affirmed, Chained, Authoring, Declaring and Dutiful

The Puritan in turn created the Hypocrite Dead, Enslaved, Blinded, Ruling and Hating

And from a single Hypocrite; arise masses of Cynics Confused, Aimless, Dizzy, Demeaning and Humorous

Extracted from the Cynics chaos, flows the organized Intellectual Analytical, Dragged, Thinking, Categorizing and Admiring.

Yet as the Intellectual tires, the Romantic is born again Alive, Free, Seeing, Giving and Loving.

And My Bike stays Upright as I "Cycle" forward and around

Oh let my ride end as I began; in Romantic pedaling And let nothing stick in my spokes, As the chain runs its course.

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