MOQ Conference Liverpool July 2005

The first official conference on the Metaphysics of Quality was held in Liverpool on 7th July 2005.

The conference was organized by Dr Anthony McWatt and was hosted by Liverpool University. A film crew professionally recorded this event as well as an interview with Robert Pirsig and the social events (celebrating the conference and Anthony receiving his Doctorate) for a future documentary.

Paul Turner, Gary Haydn and Dave Buchanan listen intently to Gavin Gee-Clough, 7th July 2005

Conference and Social Events

Social Events & Filming Schedule Conference Events

Tuesday 5th July

1:30 to 3:30pm - Pre-ceremony drinks for graduation guests including Robert Pirsig, Wendy Pirsig, Paul Turner and Gavin Gee-Clough at Liverpool's Philosophy Department.

3.00 to 5.30pm - Graduation ceremony at the Philharmonic Hall, Hope Street, Liverpool for Anthony McWatt, John Hume and Stella Rimington, amongst others. Mark Maxwell, Paul Turner and Gavin Gee-Clough were the lucky MOQ Discuss people to attend. Professionally filmed by First Video

5.30 to 7.00pm - Social event at the Hope Street Hotel, Liverpool for MOQ graduation guests including a meeting with the Nobel prize winner, John Hume. Hume and Pirsig - though both leaders in their respective fields - hadn't heard of each other!

Wednesday 6th July

10:00 to 3:00pm - Professionally produced interview with Robert Pirsig arranged by Anthony McWatt at the University of Liverpool, Greenbank Campus (near Penny Lane!).

5:30 to 7.30pm - Social event at the "Bear and Billet" Pub, Lower Bridge Street, Chester. This was the occasion that many of the visitors first met the Pirsigs.

7:30 to 10.30pm - Boat Trip on Bithell Boats "Earl" (or the "Jungle Queen" as the Pirsigs called it!) on the River Dee at Chester. As with the "Bear & Billet" this social event was filmed.

Thursday 7th July

7:00pm to 2:00am - Party at the Everyman Bistro, Hope Street, Liverpool which continued at Lucille's flat until dawn. Some filming.

Thursday 7th July

12:30pm - Conference Start at the Department of Philosophy, University of Philosophy, 7 Abercromby Square, Liverpool.

Dr. Anthony McWatt's Welcome Speech
An introduction to the days events.

Robert Pirsig's Opening Statement
Read by Dr. McWatt.

Lao Tsu quotation
Preface to Professor Henry Gurr's presentation read by Horse.

'Pirsig Pilgrim's'
Professor Henry Gurr's Powerpoint presentation given by Paul Turner and Ian Glendinning.

It’s Evolutionary Psychology, Stupid
Ian Glendinning's own Powerpoint presentation.

3:00pm Refreshment Break at No.5 Cafe, 5 Abercromby Square, Liverpool.

3:45pm Reconvene at the Faculty of Arts Building, University of Liverpool, 12 Abercromby Square, Liverpool.

Fun with Blasphemy
David Buchanan's paper.

"There are no Objects in this room!"
Mark Maxwell’s paper with genuine archer's bow!

Potential Implications of utilizing the MOQ for Research:
Why we need more Sherpas

Mati Palm-Leis' paper.

Student life and other contradictions
An inquiry into the value of modern education

Gavin Gee-Clough’s infamous paper revised for the conference.

6:15pm - Conference Finish

List of Conference Attendees

Robert Pirsig
Wendy Pirsig
Dr. Anthony McWatt

Gary Haydn, John Adams and - at various points - other members of Liverpool's Philosophy Department.

Carol McWatt
John Middleton
Dean Summers
Joerg Jozwiak
Lucille Nolan
Andy Brice
Karen Whiteside
Brent Vizeau
Rebecca Temmer

David Buchanan
Mati Palm-Leis
Gavin Gee-Clough
Annabelle Wensley-Walker
Paul Turner
Ian Glendinning
Khoo Hock Aun
Lim Mayli
Maggie Hettinger

Mark Maxwell
Steph Omste
Stephen Mills
Darren Jones
Paul Ripley
David Boyce
Richard Harrickey
Cressida Kocienski
Luke Smith
Dr Patricia Linton


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