Wim Nusselder
(Written 6/6/01)

Biologically, I'm 40 years old and live in Haarlem, the Netherlands.

Socially I was trained as economist of developing countries (graduating 15 years ago) and have been working since as part-time financial adminstrator. Nine years for the Dutch National Association of Third World Shops, for about 12 now jobhopping. The other part of my time is devoted mainly to my family of wife and two children (9 and 7). It leaves me less time for intellectual pursuits than I would wish.

Intellectually my interests can be found on www.antenna.nl/wim.nusselder for whoever reads Dutch. Otherwise they will hopefully become clear from my contributions to MD and MF. As a start: I identify myself as Quaker (member of the Religious Society of Friends), see interesting parallels between MOQ and 'Quakerism' and I'm interested in any links anybody sees between MOQ and religion. I am also from very young obsessed with world-wide injustice and thus with understanding and trying to change the social level. I am quite taken by world-system-analysis as started by Immanual Wallerstein (US sociologist/historian) and hope to find time to explore how world-system-analysis might complement MOQ.

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