Platt Holden

I'm a retired advertising copywriter whose hobbies are watercolor painting and philosophy. I'm 67 years old and live in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

My philosophy interest began years ago with Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged which defined major philosophical issues in language I could understand. Since then I've tried to put together my own Universal Theory of Everything (UTOE). Extensive reading has led me to the conclusion that Pirsig's Lila represents the only true new metaphysics since Plato. It has all the elements of a great breakthough theory -- elegance, simplicity, explanatory power.

I believe that eventually Pirsig will be recognized and elevated to the stature of such giants as Aristotle (logic), Galileo & Kepler (scientific method), Newon (classical physics), Darwin (evolution), Einstein (relativity) and Bohr (quantum physics). But, recognition will be slow in coming because so many have so much invested for so long in the subject/object, mind/matter, observer/observed, noumenal/phenomenal, soul/body worldview. My hope is that your new, beautifully designed Website will put a slight crack in this seemingly impenetrable wall.

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