Sam Norton

Discovered ZMM during a year out before university in 1989, prior to spending three months wandering around North America in the back of greyhound buses, which gave plenty of opportunity for the ideas to sink in. Spent far too long identifying myself with Phaedrus at University, but didn't do too badly in the end. Bought Lila as soon as it came out, enjoyed it but find ZMM more satisfying, aesthetically and spiritually - I agree with Wittgenstein that metaphysics is a form of magic, so I think RMP bottled things just a little in Lila. Delighted to discover when browsing the 25th anniversary edition of ZMM in a bookshop, summer of 2001.

Currently Rector of a small island community off the coast of England. I'm generally interested in Wittgenstein, Christian mysticism and how the MoQ might be integrated into systematic theology.

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