Don Rosenow

Don is a father of three children and two grandchildren.
He has been married for 23 years to a wonderfully patient woman.
He has spent the better part of his life studying as much as he can of what he didn't learn in school. He's got a lot to learn. If he continues his present diet and level of inactivity he will soon have collected enough cholesterol to to give him his second heart attack.

A jack-of-all-trades, he is, as are most non-specialists, depressingly middle-class. It keeps him humble, although he has a sneaking suspicion that he would probably make a great world leader. He loves riding motorcycles and has largely overcome a misspent youth; he still maintains one or two vices for old times sake. Being a Hoosier, he is, almost by definition, also an avid basketball fan.

Life is good.

He was introduced to ZMM by his father in '77 and finally "got it" in '80 when, having nothing better to do following knee surgery, he finally paid attention to the darned book. He has made it a point to read it annually ever since, usually in the spring. His oldest daughter found a copy of LILA at a library book sale and, after reading it, drose decided to search the Web to see if there were others who were impressed with the work of Mr. Pirsig.

He now spends many delightful evenings lurking, and occasionally posting, sometimes driving his long-suffering wife to distraction. The Lila Squad has been the source for much food for thought. He thanks you all!

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